SSL certificate error in Outlook

There are probably numerous reasons why you would get a SSL certificate error in Outlook while connected to an Exchange server, what follows is what I have found most often.

Get current paths for Exchange configuration from the server, run the following commands in the Exchange Management Shell:

Get-WebServicesVirtualDirectory | fl identity,internalurl,externalurl
Get-ClientAccessServer | fl identity,autodiscoverserviceinternaluri (yes uri, not url)
Get-OABVirtualDirectory | fl identity,internalurl,externalurl
Get-ExchangeCertificate | where { $_.Services.ToString().Contains(“IIS”) –eq $true } | fl Cert*
Get-OutlookAnywhere | fl identify,external*

If any of the paths don’t reflect what they should be for your organization, you can change them with the following:

To Set Internal Paths:
Set-ClientAccessServer -Identity <CAS_Server_Name> -AutodiscoverServiceInternalUri
Set-WebServicesVirtualDirectory -Identity “CAS_Server_Name\EWS (Default Web Site)” -InternalUrl
Set-OABVirtualDirectory -Identity “CAS_Server_name\oab (Default Web Site)” -InternalUrl
NOTE: Next is for Exchange 2007 Only. Removed from later versions of Exchange.
Set-UMVirtualDirectory -Identity “CAS_Server_Name\unifiedmessaging (Default Web Site)” -InternalUrl

NOTE: Must Reset IIS After These Changes:


Must have zone mail.<domainname>.com
A Record with blank Name and IP = CAS Server IP

Automating backups of SQL Express databases

Open SQL Server Management Studio Express

Select Database to backup

Right Click and select Tasks

Select Back Up

In Backup Screen,

Select Full
Input the Destination Location with filename ending in .bak
Select Options in left pane
Select Overwrite all existing backup sets

Select the “Script” option at top of screen
Copy the SQL Script to sql file. (Ex. backup.sql)
Create a Batch file to call the SQL script

Sqlcmd –S LOCALHOST\SQLEXPRESS –i backup.sql –o \output.txt

This assumes trusted login relationships. If specific user, may have to use OSQL –U –P options
Use OSQL /? to see parameters.

Backup Assist fails to delete old backup that doesn’t exist anyway

Backup Assist is a wonder data backup and recovery tool, but nothing is perfect and everything has problems here or there. One that I have come across more than once is:

Backup Assist Fails to delete old backup that is not even there any longer. Basically this is due to a corrupted catalog, so we need to rebuild it:

1. Shutdown Backup Assist Service

2. Open explorer and browse to: c:\ProgramData\BackupAssist 6\Catalogues

3. Rename to catalouges.old.

4. Start Backup Assist Service

For any restores using the Restore Console, make sure to point to this .old folder if restoring from a date in that .old timeframe.  If Single Instance Store can just drag and drop from the backup drive.

Associate Vipre anti-virus agent with a new server

I use Vipre anti-virus business, from, for a lot of my clients. From time to time you need to point the agent portion that runs on workstation to a new server, or change the IP address of a server. The process is a follows:

1. Run services.msc and stop VIPRE Business Agent Service

2. Run regedit.exe and browse down to: HKLM\Software\SBAMSvc

3. Change PollicyServiceMachine IP to proper IP

4. Open Explorer and browse to: C:\ProgramData\VIPRE Business Agent

5. Delete AgentSettings.xml and Policy.xml

6. Go back to your services.msc window and restart VIPRE Business Agent Service

Windows 8 / 8.1 start button right-click menu not working

Also called the WinX menu due to the keystroke to open it: Win-x

This happens when a handful of file and folders become corrupted for some reason. It’s an easy fix as long as you have access to another working Windows 8/8.1 computer, or can create a new user account on the affected computer.

What you need to do is copy these 3 folders; “Group 1”, “Group 2”, “Group 3” in c:\users\[user]\AppData\Microsoft\Windows\Winx\ from a working computer or working user profile on the same computer, and overwrite them in the same location under the user profile folder that isn’t working.

You may have to log out and log back in, or just reboot, for the menu to start working again.

R.A. Salvatore – The Two Swords

I have read every single book in the entire Drizzt series up to this point. Some are better than others, but all of been entertaining and fun to read.

The Two Swords is the third book in the Hunter’s Blades trilogy, knowing that going into the book I expected a grand finish. Throughout reading the book it continually built up the story to a big final fight between Drizzt and Obould. However the ending was quite lackluster and disappointing. Now I get that it wasn’t the end of the story of Obould and this book basically setup the next, but in my opinion ending a trilogy like this just didn’t make sense. SPOILER ALERT….

The end fight between Drizzt and Obould got interrupted by another dark elf, it ended the fight and the book. Very anti-climatic. All this being said I still feel the rest of the book was written well and it is worth reading.


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