Josey’s first snow

We finally got a little snow, and Josey has been having a blast…



Josey pic roundup

This first one is Josey at my office, he is such a good boy, sleeps under my desk for most of the day. 11/26/2014




Josey sleeping on his favorite ottoman. 11/30/2014




He spends a lot of time snoozing right here. 12/7/2014




Hey, hey, I’m right here, hey, hey, throw the ball, hey, hey…. 12/15/2014




My buddies little boy playing with Josey, he is so gentle with kids. 1/3/2015




This time my buddies girl petting Josey. 1/17/2015




Josey has started guard duty. He watches everything that goes on outside. 2/1/2015




Josey is now going on 9 months old, he is growing, but not as fast as he was. I’m actually kind of anxious to see how big he gets. 2/12/2015


2/12/2015 2/12/2015