R.A. Salvatore – The Two Swords

I have read every single book in the entire Drizzt series up to this point. Some are better than others, but all of been entertaining and fun to read.

The Two Swords is the third book in the Hunter’s Blades trilogy, knowing that going into the book I expected a grand finish. Throughout reading the book it continually built up the story to a big final fight between Drizzt and Obould. However the ending was quite lackluster and disappointing. Now I get that it wasn’t the end of the story of Obould and this book basically setup the next, but in my opinion ending a trilogy like this just didn’t make sense. SPOILER ALERT….

The end fight between Drizzt and Obould got interrupted by another dark elf, it ended the fight and the book. Very anti-climatic. All this being said I still feel the rest of the book was written well and it is worth reading.